IMG_0164I’m numb.
I search for words to describe what I’m going through and they’re not there.
The passion is gone.
The heat of hatred has cooled to disdain.
The words to explain the loss are mere whispers of ideas of doubt.
I’m alone
Left with no one to listen and no words to say even if there was an ear to over hear.
Left alone with just thoughts of feelings.
Do I even remember your voice anymore
Could I still feel your touch if I concentrated hard enough?
But that’s the problem
I can’t concentrate
I can’t focus
I’m lost at sea
My head bobbing in the waves
I know how to swim
I know how to save myself but do I really want to
If my legs stopped kicking
If my arms stopped wading
And I sunk.
Let the waves crash over my head
Let the water burn my lungs
And I sink
The words come screaming as I’m no longer able to speak
Save me
Fucking save me
Pull me from the depths of the water
Remind me what it’s like to live
To feel the heat of passion
From love
From hate
Remind me what it’s like to have the words to explain
Because I’m going mute
I have nothing else to say
I don’t know what to do
I feel myself sinking without the words to make someone save me